Wallflower Wedding Photography | About Us

We are Wallflower and we are a professional, licensed, insured photography company which has photographed over 100 weddings in the last five years and consists of the husband and wife team of Shel, lead photographer and Bill, the groom and associate photographer. Below is some more information about us: 


Shellene “Shel” Keiffer

Lead Photographer & Owner


About me…the person:  I am a wife and the proud mother of three children, one grown, and two teenagers.  I went to Kent State University to study French and theatre. I absolutely love to act & sing and have been in numerous productions throughout the United States, including local plays here in Clarksville. My love of travel has taken me to Europe, where I was a foreign exchange student in Denmark and have even hosted foreign exchange students in my home. Most recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary. Both trips were to strengthen my photography skills and included working with Jerry Ghionis, a world-reknowned wedding photographer!  I’m a dog lover, owning four very spoiled dogs, a boxer, a husky, a German Shepherd, and a pug.  I also volunteer with the Humane Society when I can, including fostering dogs until they find forever homes. I like writing, reading and painting, basically anything creative!

About me..the photographer:  As you can see by my photographs, I like to view myself as a ‘Wallflower’, taking in your big day and immortalizing it in photographs. I've been a student of photography ever since my dad brought home a Minolta 35mm camera. I was only 12 but was fascinated by this camera that could get such close-up pictures even when I was far away and would capture magnificent sunsets with such vivid colors. Well, cameras have come a long way since then and so have I.
     When a friend of mine got into wedding photography, I assisted him as his second shooter. After three years as a second shooter I started shooting as the lead photographer. Since then I have shot numerous weddings and find myself continuing to fall in love with capturing those magical moments and glamorous dazzle that make up an amazing wedding.
      I take my images with what most people consider the best camera in the world for wedding photography, the Canon 5d Mark III, and as a backup use my Canon 6d. My primary lens is the Canon 70-200mm IS II and my second most used lens is the Canon 24-70mm.


What I love most about weddings:  I would say it’s the relationship I develop with all of my brides throughout their special day. To me, I find that being selected as someone’s wedding photographer is more than just the beginning of a customer-client relationship, it is the beginning of a friendship, and I consider it an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of capturing your most special day.  Secondly…it’s gotta be the cake:>) I just love a good piece of wedding cake and consider it a great fringe benefit of my job. I also love the glamour of it all. Most women dream of this magical day from childhood on and it's so fascinating to see how each wedding is so different and special.



William “Bill” Keiffer

Groom and Associate Photographer




About me…the person:  I am the proud husband of Shel and also a father of three children.  I have a MPA from Grand Canyon University and am retired from the US Army as a Sergeant Major. I currently work as a contractor at Ft. Campbell and am fortunate to work with Soldiers every day.  I have a very busy life but feel very fortunate to have fulfilled both of my dreams which were to retire from the Army and to own a business.

About me..the photographer:  I believe that the groom deserves great pictures also and am proud to get them! I am very comfortable “shooting” the groom and the groomsmen and am glad to be able to support Shel in getting some great images of the bride and everyone else.  I take most of my images with the Canon 6d and prefer to use the Canon 70-200mm IS II and Canon 24-105mm lenses.  

 What I love most about weddings:  I really enjoy watching the family interactions. I live far away from my parents and siblings so it’s really nice to see other families at their best having a great time as they enjoy the very special day.