Sango Event Center, Clarksville Wedding, Amanda and Kyle, April 30, 2016

May 30, 2016
Can you imagine getting ready for your special day and seeing a 80% chance of rain all week? That's what Amanda and Kyle faced as they planned their beautiful outside wedding on a family farm.  Luckily for everyone, besides just a few drops, we were blessed with a beautiful day!  What a great wedding, the setting was beautiful, and we took full advantage of it as we had a unique balloon sneak peek and several posing sessions on the family farm! We were also able to incorporate the beautiful yellow flowers in several of the posed images.  Amanda and Kyle were up for anything when it came to getting great pictures and it shows in our images.
    After a beautiful ceremony which was well attended by friends and family we proceeded to the Sango Event center for our first reception at this new location and enjoyed taking some beautiful images of all of the festivities.  We even got a chance to do two "Sneak-Aways" and capture some images of Kyle and Amanda feeding two beautiful stallions and some great images on a beautiful "hot-rod"!
    We thank you for choosing us! Your family and friends were super sweet to us and were so glad we had an opportunity to capture your very special day!
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